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We help property owners and improve communities!

By purchasing and rehabilitating troubled, often abandoned, properties and resolving the issues that led to the condition in the first place, HRE Ventures creates tremendous value in the communities in which we sere. Dilapidated properties are not only an eyesore, but can also be dangerous and almost always have a detrimental impact on the values of surrounding properties. When we turn the least attractive house on the block into one of the most attractive, the impact on perceptions (and values) can be dramatic. Additionally, we help counties and municipalities by bringing properties up to code and returning them to the tax rolls. And lastly, we contribute to local economies by hiring and buying locally for many of our projects. We take much pride in our work and are proud of the contributions we make to the many communities in which we operate across the Midwest!

Check out some of our amazing before and afters! 

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