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Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to genuinely try to help everyone we deal with, even if that means at times putting our own interests second.  We are committed to the principles of fair dealing, providing complete transparency, and bringing real value to the table. Consistent with this, we do not employ high pressure or misleading tactics of any sort.


Richard "Rick" Hungate is the founder and President of HRE Ventures. Rick has over 25 years of experience in real estate and finance, including senior and managerial positions at both boutique and large Chicago area financial firms. In addition to real estate investing, his background includes commercial credit underwriting, investment advisory services, equity trading, and foreign exchange trading.

Rick Hungate

Rick currently resides in Joliet, IL with his wife and two children.  In addition to real estate, Rick is passionate about history and education and has taken time out from his business career to pursue advanced degrees and teach history and government at local community colleges. While real estate and history are his twin passions, Rick also enjoys travel, sports, fitness, cooking, outdoor activities, and spending time with his family.

Ted Silva is a retired police chief and private investigator from Fairhaven, MA and currently heads the acquisitions team at HRE Ventures. Ted specializes in identifying, locating and contacting property owners. His direct phone line is 815-242-1254  (call or text)  and email address is

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Ted Silva
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