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How does the selling process work?  

Just call or complete the form below for a free no obligation evaluation. Initially, we will just be gathering some basic information about your property, including any title issues that may need to be resolved. The next step would be a quick property visit and inspection. After that, we will typically have an offer for you within 48 hours. Should you chose to accept our offer (and you will not face any pressure to do so), we can close (complete the transaction) at a time and place that is most convenient for you or best suits your needs. You will not be asked to perform any repairs or pay anything at all out of pocket.

How do you determine your offer price?

We are a business and need to make a profit, but we also try to be fair. Unlike some of the "we buy houses" people, it is never our goal to pay as little as possible for a property. We will offer what we think the property is worth, or at least what it is worth to us taking into account the level of risk and all of our costs. Keep in mind, though, that properties needing lots of repairs or updating command a discount greater than just the cost of repairs. This is because beyond just the cost, there is also the time and energy involved in putting a house back together as well as lot of inherent risk (problems with contractors, blown budgets due to hidden problems or unwanted surprises, etc.). Reality TV may make our business look easy, but the real reality is that it is very difficult and full of risk.

What if my property has already been sold at tax lien sale or my mortgage company has already foreclosed?

Depending on your location, properties can typically be redeemed (taxes paid and ownership restored) for a certain period of time after a tax lien sale and mortgages can typically be brought current and "reinstated" up to the date of the auction.  If you give us a call, we should be able to help you determine the status of your property.    

Can you help me save my property?

If your goal is to save or keep your property, we encourage you to explore all legitimate available options. If it is a mortgage foreclosure, look into available government programs or try to work something out with the lender. If it is a tax foreclosure, contact the county and inquire about any available options. However, beware of those who offer high-interest loans or too good to be true offers to "save" or "rescue" your property. All we can do is purchase the property. However, a property becoming at risk may be a sign it is time to begin a new chapter anyway. We put cash in your pocket, prevent further damage to your credit, and put you back in control.

What if I have already abandoned my property?

Unless you have a clear agreement transferring ownership, walking away from a property can be a very bad decision. When you walk away from a property, you are not walking away from your liability. The property has to change hands for responsibility to change hands. If the lien holders do not foreclose, or take ownership (and they are under no obligation to do so), you remain fully liable for taxes, municipal upkeep requirements, possible injuries, etc. And vacant properties tend to deteriorate very rapidly, magnifying potential liability. If you do have such a property, or are unsure of the status of a property, we can help you sort matters out and, if possible, purchase the property from you, relieving you of further responsibility.   

What if I inherited a property, but probate was never completed?

Formal probate proceedings are not required in all jurisdictions, particularly if a certain amount of time has elapsed. Time can also be a friend with regards to debts of the estate. Even if you were told before you could not sell, or that your interest had no value, the situation may have changed. We will provide a free analysis of the situation, and if it makes sense to move forward, assist you with the process at no cost. We can make it a lot easier and less time consuming than you may think.

What if I inherited a partial interest in an estate and the other heirs are not interested in selling or are not being cooperative?

We have experience in bringing parties to the table. A cash offer from a legitimate buyer has a way of getting attention and gaining cooperation. Furthermore, we will cover all costs related to the transaction and do whatever we can to make the entire process as simple and convenient as possible for everyone involved. For example, in cases where heirs are spread out across the country, we will bring the documents to them. 15 minutes of their time is usually all that it takes. And even if we are not able to gain cooperation from all heirs, we still may be willing to purchase your interest in the estate alone and then settle the matter through probate.

Are you an attorney or law firm?

We are not attorneys and do not offer legal advice.  However, we do regularly work with attorneys in resolving title issues. We would also be happy to work with your attorney concerning the sale of your property.   

What do you do with the properties you purchase?  

Our primary business is buying, rehabbing, and reselling, but we also hold on to some properties for our own portfolio. Sometimes the rehabs we do are major, sometimes minor, and sometimes we will sell a property pretty much as is. Our particular strategy in a given situation will depend on the property, current market conditions, and the number of other projects we have ongoing at the time. Basically, we try to achieve the most profitable outcome while also taking into account our risk.

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