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HRE Ventures purchases all types of homes in any condition, but specializes in those with complex title problems others may be reluctant to touch. This is because our firm has the knowledge and experience needed to put the necessary pieces in place to make seemingly unworkable deals work. Some of the issues we are able to help rectify or resolve include:

  • Tax liens or other involuntary liens.

  • Unsettled estates.

  • Insolvent estates.

  • Messy foreclosure situations.

  • Properties "surrendered" in bankruptcy, but

       stuck in real estate limbo.

  • HOA disputes.

  • Defaulted land contracts.

  • Uncertain or contested ownership situations.

If you have a property that you would like to sell, and especially if any of the above applies, please call (815-242-2458) or complete the form below for a free, no obligation, evaluation. There is never a charge for any of our services. Our profits are derived entirely from the process of buying, rehabbing, and reselling properties.

Why Sell to Us?

  • We will give you a guaranteed price and close whenever you like, eliminating the uncertainty of the traditional selling process.

  • We buy completely "as is" and will not ask you to perform a single repair or even remove unwanted items.

  • You will not pay any commissions or closing costs.

  • We can stop tax or mortgage foreclosures, helping you preserve your good name and credit.

  • You will not have to pay anything out of pocket for estate administration or to clear title. 

  • And, most importantly, we will deal with you fairly and honestly. No misleading statements, inflated promises, or high pressure tactics of any sort. We are truly a different kind of home buying company!  

Hungate Real Estate Ventures
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