We are Hiring!!!

We are always seeking to form mutually beneficial long-term relationships with teams of professional contractors throughout the Midwest interested in working on our projects.

We typically partner with companies or teams of professional contractors with broad skill sets and a verifiable track record of performing high quality work. Essential skills include painting, drywall repairs, floor installation, window installation, rough carpentry, trim work, kitchens and baths, and basic plumbing and electrical.  Additional skills and/or licenses are a plus, though licensed work is typically subbed out.

Other Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Reliable transportation and necessary tools.

  • Knowledge of and willingness to comply with established work site safety standards.

  • The ability to take quality pictures/video and communicate effectively with a smart phone.

  • Must be able to commit a crew of at least 3 to a minimum of 40 hours per week (or 120 man hours) from start to finish.

  • Must be comfortable working in a camera monitored environment.

  • Must have at least $500,000 workers' compensation and $1 million general liability coverage or be willing to obtain it.

Why work with us?

  • We furnish all materials and make payments for work as it is completed, so there are no upfront costs and very little risk for you.

  • We provide a detailed scope of work and all of our properties are vacant, so there is no dealing with indecisive homeowners, moving furniture around, working around the schedules of others, etc.  You can just go in, do the work, and get paid.

  • We can help you promote and grow your own business.  Finished work is typically featured online in professional high quality images, which will look great on your own site.  Additionally, we work with large networks of realtors and other investors and are always eager to refer great contractors.  

  • And most importantly, since we always have ongoing projects, we may be able to offer fairly consistent work in your area.  And if you are willing to travel, we can offer a virtually unlimited supply of projects, meaning your income would only be limited by how quickly you can perform high quality work and turn houses. 

Please complete the application below to get started.

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